Friday, January 25, 2008


Hey there!

I am a game programmer and have been so since 3 years. I have created UFO-Party from scratch and would like to present it here on this website.
The game is pretty simple and contains a lot of

Controls on ground:
Up arrow key : forwards
Down arrow key : backwards
Left arrow key : left
Right arrow key : right
Move mouse to aim
Left mouse click : shoot
Right mouse click : jump

Controls in spaceship:
If you see a spaceship, walk to it until you`re beneath it. Then right click and you`ll get into your Spaceship.

Up arrow key : down
Down arrow key : up
Control key(Ctrl) : Speed
Move mouse left : left
Move mouse right : right
Left mouse click : shoot
Right mouse click : jump out of ship

I hope you find this game entertaining!
Have fun!!

The Comet

v1.00 : Click Here


No music
Programming by The Comet
Media created by The Comet

All rights reserved

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The Upload didn`t work, so I made a Youtube link:
Flying Spaceship
Walking on the Ground

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